Web Site Design

Web site design is our specialty. CLS designs sites that effectively market a client’s product or service. Graphics are developed to give the site a consistent layout on every page and are image-optimized for faster load time. CLS has developed strategic partnerships with graphics design firms in order to offer expanded design options. Logo design, image enhancement and Flash™ animation are commonly implemented.

Through the use of databases your site can have automated search and update capabilities. This allows large amounts of data to be linked directly with the web site. Product name, photo, price, description and code number are examples of data that would be contained in a database and connected directly to an e-commerce shopping cart. Database techniques create web site flexibility and allow for rapid change of information.

CLS performs custom programming services to enable the development of special web site features. Registration systems, searchable databases, scrolling headlines, interactive forms, member login, and custom web-based office applications are some of the services at CLS.


web site design
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