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October 21, 2015
There is a new tool that helps to get the proper e-mail settings. Go to this URL on the device that you want to setup the e-mail and follow the prompts.
If available, first try the secure settings, which will use an encrypted SSL connection:
Incoming (POP):, port 995
Outgoing (SMTP):, port 465
  • If sending is not working, try specifying the encryption protocol as "SSL" (not "TLS" or "Auto")

If the secure settings do not work, try the regular settings:
Incoming (POP):, port 110
Outgoing (SMTP):, port 587
  • Outgoing servers require SMTP authentication
  • When entering your User Name, enter your entire email address using lowercase letters.
June 26, 2013: CRAM-MD5 Being Phased Out
If you are using CRAM-MD5 to authenticate to the SMTP server, please note that it is being phased out. Replace CRAM-MD5 with PLAIN/PASSWORD authentication over an SSL connection. In order to setup an SSL connection, please use the secure settings above. Specific instructions for the e-mail software you are using can be found below.

Exchange Settings

Please contact us for settings and setup guides for Exchange accounts.

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